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New Youth Book Highlights

New Books BinHave you ever browsed through the bins in front of the Youth Reference desk? That’s where we keep all our new titles so patrons can have a peak at them before they move to the stacks. I thought it would be nice to highlight some of the titles that popped out at me as I was looking through a stack of new books. Be sure to take a look through the bins the next time you’re at the library!

Board Books

The Quiet Book by Deborah Underwood

                This is a sweet little story that tells about all the different ways you are quiet throughout the day. This would be a great calming down or right before bed story. The illustrations show different animals during their quiet time. The light touch of humor allows for an enjoyable read for adults as well as children.

Quiet Bunny by Lisa McCue

                I thought it was funny that we had two board books about being quiet come in on the same day. Is someone trying to say something? I was pleased to learn that Quiet Bunny doesn’t want to be quiet at all but tries to find his own distinct noise in this heart-warming story. Follow him as he listens to the other forest animals and discovers a “beat all his own.”


Easy Reader

Urgency Emergency: Big Bad Wolf by Dosh Archer

                This easy reader gives a new twist on an old tale. Doctor Glenda and Nurse Percy are already dealing with a little sheep in a red cloak that has lost her grandmother when a wolf is brought in choking on something and unable to breath! Can Doctor Glenda and Nurse Percy save the wolf and what happened to Grandma? This is not only a great way for your child to hear a new version of Little Red Riding Hood but also a way to introduce Community Helpers like doctors, nurses and even the police.



The Great American Dust Bowl by Don Brown

                Being from the East coast, the Dust Bowl is something I knew about in name but not really in any detail. So when I saw this graphic novel come through I thought it was a great way for kids to learn about this heavy topic in a fun understandable way. This one is definitely something for the older kids given its complex discussion of plate formation and environmental changes. It sums up the topic nicely in its 77 pages and contains a list of cited sources at the end.


Juvenile Fiction

Ever After High : The Storybook of Legends by Shannon Hale

                If you’ve ever read a book by Shannon Hale before you know that she generally has a thread of magic run through her books. It’s no surprise that her current work is all about it. The decedents of storybook characters come together at Ever After High perfecting their craft before they sign the Storybook of Legends and seal their destiny to follow in their ancestors footsteps. But what happens when Raven Queen, destined to be the Greatest Evil There Ever Was, chooses to be good?  Looking past the obvious puns and sometime ridiculous humor, you can see that the heart of this tale lies in a child choosing her own path and the struggles that follow such a choice. This would be a great book for girls still obsessed with Disney princesses or anyone who loves adaptations of fairy tales. With Disney about to release a show entitled Decedents, all about Disney villains’ decedents, this could be a popular title for kids looking for something with a similar theme.